Getting to school

Parking and drop off procedures

In order to ensure the safety of the students, Parking and drop off procedures are strictly enforced.  There is no parking available on the school grounds.  For the safety of all students, parents and/or others bringing/taking students home and to the school need to be aware of the following:

  1. There is a drop off zone on the north side of Venables Street.  This area is for "quick" (up to 1 minute) drop off to allow students to safely exit their vehicle at the curbside only. Drivers are not to leave their vehicles and walk students to the school.  All belongings should be ready.
  2. The south side of Venables Street is a no stopping/parking zone.  
  3. Use the crosswalk at all times.
  4. U-turns or use of driveways to turn around are not permitted on Venables Street
  5. Left hand turns or proceeding straight through the light from Venables Street onto Victoria Drive are not permitted.
  6. Drivers are not permitted to enter the lane on the north side of the school.

To ensure student safety, these procedures will be enforced by the Parent Traffic Supervisors and the Vancouver Police Department.  Please be respectful of these parent volunteers who are present to keep everyone safe.

School Bus

We are happy to offer door to door bus service to and from school. Please contact our secretary, Mrs. Mackay, for a list of our boundaries and rates. Please find the application for the bus below.  You may also contact our bus driver, Mr. Dente, at 778-889-7849

2019 Bus Application.pdf152.38 KB