All schools in CISVA (Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdioceses) have a process for admitting students.  As part of this process, the school principal shall meet with each family.  

In accordance with CISVA policy, applications for enrolment will be given preference in the following order

  • Children whose parents are practicing Catholics who are active at SFA parish
  • Children whose families are practicing Catholics active in other parishes
  • Children whose families are either not practicing Catholics or are not active in their parish
  • Non-Catholics

Tuition Information (For current 2019/20 school year - fees are subject to change for 2020/2021)      


No. of Children


Category 1

St. Francis of Assisi


Category 2


Category 3



1 child


$2,950.00 per year


$3,250.00 per year


$3,750.00 per year


2 children


$5,130.00 per year


$5,660.00 per year


$6,470 per year


3 children or more


$6,880.00 per year


$7,600.00 per year


$8,730.00 per year

*  Tuition is paid from August 1 - May 1 (10 monthly payments)

Tax Receipts:  St. Francis of Assisi School issues a charitable donation tax receipt for the religious portion of the tuition.  The exact amount is determined annually using a formula created by the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia in collaboration with Canada Revenue Agency.