New School Building Project

Information session given to neighbours on February 2, 2017

On Thursday, February 2,  St. Francis of Assisi hosted an information session for the immediate neighbours as an opportunity for them to provide their input and comments on the draft plans, as they are closely affected by this project. No formal application to the City of Vancouver has been made. If SFA decides to proceed, then broader community engagement will be pursued for further input and comments.  

- The SFA school building committee, KMBR architects and consultants have been exploring options to build a new elementary school.

- With costs for the new school estimated at $12M, the Parish will need to sell some of its land to fund in part the building of the school.
- The Parish owns the land the school  currently resides on, the land across the street from the church at the corner of Semlin and Napier with the old convent building, and the garden area directly behind the church.
- One of the options explored was building the new school on the present site. This would require selling the land behind the church (the garden) as well as the land on the corner of Semlin and Napier as development sites. It would also require the school to relocate for the duration of construction, and result in a much smaller Parish site around the church and rectory.
- Our preferred option is to build the new school behind the church and create a green space on the corner of Semlin and Napier for these reasons:
1) our students are an integral part of the Parish community
2) this is the model for most Catholic elementary schools in the district
3) students and staff would not need to relocate for 2 years during construction
4) selling the current school site is more valuable than selling the land behind the church and the land at the corner of Semlin and Napier.
- Working with our architect and consultants, we are determining how a school might work on the land behind the church, factoring in: 1) the school's requirements 2) the need to protect trees and create green space, 3) parking and traffic concerns 4) ways to ensure the character of the neighbourhood is preserved.
- The new school will replace the existing school in terms of capacity.
- We have shared preliminary plans for the new school with neighbours of the Parish to gather feedback, and will continue to make information available as our plans evolve.
- The plans attached here are a work in progress.  A proposal has not yet been submitted to the City of Vancouver.
- If you have comments regarding this project, please Email: 
SFA Boards for Neighbourhood Meeting Feb 2 2017.pdf3.48 MB