New School Building Update

There have been many questions about the building of our new school! 

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing responses in the St. Francis of Assisi bulletin. If you have a question, please feel free to contact Mrs. Michelle Ventresca, Chair of the SFA Parish Building Committee, at  

What options are being explored?

Option 1: Build our new school on the parish site. Benefits include the connection of our school and parish, along with parishioners and students strengthening our SFA community. This option is financially feasible with sale of the current school site. It would also provide a public benefit to the broader community by including park space on parish land at Semlin. Challenges include a more extensive community consultation process and increased traffic before and after school.

Option 2: Build our new school at the current site. Benefits include a less complicated rezoning process and potentially more neighbourhood support. Challenges include a continued disconnection from the parish impacting our faith community as a whole. Funding would be limited, as the sale of parish land at Semlin is not as valuable as land at the current school site. A longer period of fundraising would be required resulting in higher costs. There would be costs associated with moving students offsite during construction. The current school is located on a busy intersection.

No decisions about the location of the school have been made, with both options currently being explored

What opportunities are there for input? 

We want to encourage dialogue and participation in this major initiative. Two sessions with small groups of parishioners were held in October to discuss the new school and the future of our parish community. As more information becomes available, members of the Building Committee and Parish Education Committee will be making themselves available after masses to discuss the project and answer questions. In the short term, if you have a question, please feel free to contact Mrs. Michelle Ventresca, Chair of the SFA Parish Building Committee, via email:

Who will manage the finances?

The SFA Parish Finance Committee and the Archdiocesan Finance Committee will oversee the financial components of this project. The SFA Parish Finance Committee includes Murray Neilson, Sabato Delli Santi, Maria Sanvido, and Alex Kurnycki.

What process has been undertaken?

As we consider the future of our parish, the school will play a vital role in stewarding current and future generations of our SFA community. As a first step, on June 13, 2013, Fr. Gino invited parishioners to come forward and help with the school building project. Some with specific skills/experience were asked to participate. We are also working with KMBR Architects, and are continuing consultations with the Archdiocese's Building Commission and the City of Vancouver. No major decisions about the school have been made, with the feasibility of options currently underway.

We look forward to this exciting time in our community! 


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