Support our Walkathon

Our annual Walkathon will be held on Friday, October 6.  Students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 will walk to raise money in support of our new school building project.

Celebrating over 70 years in our current building, SFA School continues to offer outstanding Catholic education to over 230 students. Last year's Walkathon raised over $20,000 towards our New School Building Project - specifically to develop architectural drawings and complete our Feasibility Study with the City of Vancouver. It is such an exciting time! 

For more than 4 years, together with the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the broader community, we have been working towards a new facilities plan that will give SFA students and the community access to modern facilities in which to learn, play and develop. The funds raised in this year’s Walkathon will go toward the costs of rezoning the current school site and continuing community consultation and engagement; these steps are crucial to the success of this project and to the future of the St. Francis community in East Vancouver. 

Thank you for your generous support of “your” student(s) in helping them reach their goal of being in the class that raised the most funds this year. 

When Donating Online, You Are Able To Select The Campaign Giving Group You Would Like (Organized By Kindergarten- Grade 7 Classroom Groups).  Please Donate By:

1. clicking "Donate" or "Join" the class page and choose -GIVE TO THIS GROUP 

By joining the class page, you can post a comment to pledge a student 

2. Please pledge a student by leaving a comment in the COMMENT BOX 

-put the First Name and Last initial of the student you are pledging toward. 


This way each student will know when someone has contributed for them. ie. "John D, best of luck".PLEASE CLICK ON A CLASS BELOW TO SUPPORT: 

Kindergarten - Mrs. Busto

Grade 1 - Miss Hewitt

Grade 2 - Mrs. Woodman

Grade 3 - Mrs. Sudar/Mrs. Cheng/Mr. Amenta

Grade 4 - Mrs. Pauletto

Grade 5 - Mrs. Sulmona

Grade 6 - Mr. Sudar/Mr. King

Grade 7 - Mr. Teodosio

General donation to the New School Building Fund

With your support, we look forward to making our physical learning space as innovative and exciting as our virtual learning space.

Thank you for continually supporting St. Francis of Assisi.