Support our Walkathon 2018

This year our School Walkathon will be held on Friday, October 5. Each year students from Kindergarten to Grade 7 walk to raise money in support of our school.  Check out the online campaign here: 

This year will be unlike any other as our goal of building a new school is becoming a reality. We have achieved “Approval in Principle” from the Archdiocese of Vancouver, a potential sale of our parish land, and our Development Application is almost ready to be submitted to the City of Vancouver. 

The funds raised in this year’s Walkathon will go toward the costs of the Development Permit application and continuing community consultation and engagement; these steps are crucial to the success of this project and to the future of the St. Francis of Assisi community in East Vancouver. 

Last year's Walkathon raised over $25,000 towards our New School Building Project – this year our goal is to raise $30,000. 

If you would like more information on our BUILD SFA 2020 campaign or if you think you might have time to help please contact us at 
It is such an exciting time for our community! 

Thank you for your generous support of “your” student(s) in helping them reach their goal of being in the class that raised the most funds this year. 

Please donate to one of our classroom giving groups below (click the teacher's name): 

> Kindergarten - Mrs. Busto 
> Grade 1 - Miss Hewitt 
> Grade 2 - Mrs. Woodman 
> Grade 3 -Mrs. Cheng/Mrs. Sudar 
> Grade 4 - Mrs. Pauletto 
> Grade 5 - Mrs. Sulmona 
> Grade 6 - Mr. Sudar/Mr. King 
> Grade 7 - Mr. Teodosio 
> New School Building Fund - general donation page