Admission Policy



(ALL children must be re-registered every year.)

All schools in CISVA (Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdioceses) have a process for admitting students.  As part of this process, the Principal shall meet with each new family. 

Families shall read and sign the Statement of Commitment prior to being accepted into a school.  For purposes of this policy, “practicing Catholics” shall mean those individuals who are registered in a parish and attend Sunday Mass regularly; “active in a parish” shall mean participate in the work activities required of them.

Priorities for admission into elementary schools shall be:

-  Children whose families are practicing Catholics and active in the parish.

-  Children whose parents are practicing Catholics and active in other parishes.

-  Children whose families are either not practicing Catholics or not active in their parishes.

-  Non-Catholics. Once accepted into the school, non-Catholics need meet only the criteria expected of other students to be re-admitted in subsequent years.