Funding and Fundraising

·  As an independent school, we receive 50% funding from the government to cover operating costs.

· To cover some of the shortfalls in our budget for much needed school supplies, equipment and repairs, etc. we are dependent on fundraising.

· Corporate donations (merchandise, gift certificates, and monetary donations) generously given during our fundraising drives, help our school optimize its ability to provide our children with the best education possible.


Annual Fundraisers (check our calendar for dates)

Walkathon   - Early October 

Adult Pub Night - End of September

Family Valentine's Dance - February

SFA Gala Event - End of April

Carnival - Typically second Sunday in June 


Merchandise and Gift Certificates

· At all these events we give merchandise and gift certificates as raffle draws and door prizes, as well as incentives to the students and their parents.

· Rather than approach businesses several times during the year, we try and coordinate our efforts and request donations only once in our school year.

· Depending on the nature and appropriateness of the prizes received, we would allocate these to the various events as they occur.

Your Generosity is Appreciated

· We hope that you will consider giving our school a donation in the form of merchandise or gift certificates.

· In appreciation of your generosity and assistance, your business will be acknowledged at the fundraising event and also advertised in our school newsletter and parish bulletin.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. If you have any further questions, please contact the school.