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Parents are recognized as the primary educators of their children.  It is essential that a spirit of trust and cooperation exist between parents and the school.  Parents should keep in close contact with teachers and should not hesitate to contact them regarding their children.  They should also keep the school advised of any changes to the information on the registration form such as address, work or other phone numbers, and emergency contacts.

Parents assist in the academic growth of their children. Take some time to be familiar with the information contained in the Parent Handbook.  Parents are also encouraged to take an active part in the operation of the school by participating in school social events and fundraising projects.

In order to support you in your role as the primary educators of your children, please click on the weblinks below as approved on the CISVA Website:

Parent Resources:  Parenting

Parent Resources:  Faith and Life

Parent resources:  Media

Parent Resources: Human Sexuality Education 



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