Music Through the Grades

"When one sings one prays twice" said Saint Augustine

  • Orff and percussion instruments
  • Recorder
  • Read music / music notation
  • Baroque, Classical, Blues, Jazz
  • Annual musical drama

 At St. Francis of Assisi School the music program is based around the human voice.  Students learn a wide range of religious songs, from contemporary to traditional, and sing during school masses, paraliturgies and school assemblies.  Primary grades have the use of percussion and Orff instruments, while learning performance skills, music appreciation and elements of melody and rhythm.  The senior grades study the recorder, while learning to read music and perform music notation.  Music appreciation ranges from Baroque and Classical music through Blues and Jazz.

Once a year the entire school will perform a musical drama incorporating singing, dancing and acting.  Past performances have included "The Mystery of Simon Shepherd", "No Wonder" and "Once Upon a Starry Night."

Junior and Senior choirs are open to grades 2 thru 7 and provide students with the opportunity to share their music talents with the outside community.