Grade 3

Welcome to the wonderful and creative world of Grade 3!
We look forward to a very exciting and productive school year with your children. This will be an important year as students are encouraged to take on greater responsibilities. Students will learn to become more independent in preparation for the intermediate grades. The 3R’s set the foundation for our classroom environment. They are Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness. We will continue to work on reaching these expectations throughout the year. Each expectation helps to promote a positive learning environment at school.  The following gives you an overview of the subject areas and some of the topics we will be studying this year: 
Religion: Christ our Life series focuses on several themes, such as the church, the faith community, the mysteries of faith, the Rosary, Moses, the saints (i.e., St. Francis, St. Clare), etc. The program entitled “I’m a Gift from God” will also be covered in Grade 3. This year our focus is on helping students grow in their spirituality. Our faith will be reinforced throughout the day during lessons, interactions with students and during daily activities.

Language Arts: All aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking will be incorporated into the Language Arts program. Some areas of focus are Literacy Place, Phonics, Journals, Spelling, Oral Presentations, Novel Studies, Poetry and Creative Writing.

Handwriting: This year students will be learning handwriting. Please practice the letters at home as they are introduced.

Math: Math Makes Sense is the main program used. Concepts include patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, measurement, and more will be covered. We will also be engaging in math games, drills, and problem-solving activities that will help your child learn and master basic facts and develop problem-solving strategies.
To help your child with math, please ensure that your child practices addition and subtraction facts to 18 and studies multiplication facts up to and including the 5x tables.

Science: The program is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to become active participants in science activities. Our science classes are hands-on and we encourage the students to observe, research and actively participate in discussions and investigations (experiments). A highlight this year will be to visit the Space Centre. The students love science and we encourage them to become ‘budding’ scientists by exploring, questioning, and researching the topics we study.  In the first term we will learn about the planets, the sun, the moon and complete a 3-D constellation project. In the second term students will learn about structures, both natural and human-built, such as domes, arches, and foundations. We will discuss ways to make structures sturdy such as using trusses, beams and braces. The final building project will be to construct, according to set criteria, a bridge to be displayed and tested in class. In the final term we will plant seeds, observe changes in plants as they develop into mature plants and complete a variety of investigations such as dissecting a lily to see the main parts of a flower.

Socials: Our program this year centers on Canada, its geographical nature and its past. Students are introduced to themes such as The Olden Days/Pioneers, Exploring B.C.’s Past, B.C. Communities, Mapping Skills, and Canada: Exploring our Country. A field trip to The Burnaby Village Museum is a highlight during our first term.

Homework: Students can expect to have homework each evening. This may be in the form of unfinished work, review, studying for tests, assignments/project work, or reading. This time should be approximately half an hour per evening, although the time will vary according to individual needs and the assignment. Each day the students should record their homework assignments and other important activities in their "Agenda Books." This should help you to be aware of their homework, long-term assignments and school activities.

Student of the Week: Each week a student is selected to be the ‘student of the week’. The student will have the opportunity to share with the class interesting information about themselves such as their hobbies, their talents and what they would like to be when they grow up. We encourage the students to bring in some photos that week, which we will display on a colourful bulletin board.

Assessment and Evaluation: Assessment and evaluation are ongoing on a daily basis.

Communication: It is very important that parents and teachers keep in close communication with each other. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at school to arrange a time to discuss your child's progress. We will also try to keep you informed about any concerns we have about your child's achievement or good news regarding successes. We are looking forward to a very rewarding school year working with both you and your child.


Mrs. A. Cheng and Mrs. N. Sudar