Grade 6


Grade Six at St. Francis of Assisi School

Teachers: Mr. Sudar and Mr. King

  • Christ Our Life Program
  • Canadian Cultural Geography and World Cultures
  • Living Organisms / Electricity / Extreme Environments
  • Project-Based Learning


Welcome to Grade 6

Religion - Students will participate in and take turns leading morning prayer, as well as various school wide prayer services.  These include Mass, Rosary, Advent assemblies, and stations of the cross.  The Christ our Life program for grade 6 focuses on Old Testament Scriptures, beginning with the book of Genesis and ending with the Prophets

Language Arts- Students learn a variety of writing forms, from resumes, lyrics, to essays.  They are given an editing form sheet, where they record and tally their editing errors.  Students will also be involved in an Independent Novel Study, where they will complete a series of activities based on an accepted novel that they choose.  We conclude each study with a novel presentation that is usually done in "Power Point" or "Prezi."

Social Studies - Students define the nature of Canadian Culture and compare their own cultural identity to the culture and geography of other countries in today's world.  Facility with Technology plays a large part in research, assessment for learning, and project-based learning. Students will become adept at many facets of learning via digital media. 

Science - Students learn about living organisms, electricity, and extreme environments.  A variety of hands-on activities complement the current B.C. Science curriculum.  Students will also work on solving technical problems, and conducting experiments independently and collaboratively throughout the year. 

French - Bon Appetit, Les Sports, Au Travail, Suivez la Piste

Health & Career - program involves lively class discussions and debates, student collaboration in small group projects, and the writing and performing of role plays.  Units covered are Goals & Planning, Healthy Relationships/Healthy Living, Safety & Injury Prevention, Substance Misuse Prevention, and Career Development.