Speech Arts Program

All students in Grades 1 to 7 are invited to participate in our school’s Speech Arts Program. (Kindergarten students will participate in a class poetry activity with Mrs Busto)

The Speech Arts Program is an exciting opportunity for the students to showcase their oral presentation skills, not to mention their love of literature and poetry.  The program begins with students choosing their piece and practicing their delivery.  Parents are asked to guide their children throughout the program.  School staff will provide opportunities for the students to improve through in-class presentations and competitions. 

Speech Arts Club includes the categories of Bible Reading, Memorized Poetry, Storytelling and Speech Writing. Leading contenders become eligible for entrance into The Archbishop James F. Carney Catholic Elementary Schools Speech Arts Festival held each Spring.    

The Speech Arts program is well received and enjoyed by the staff, students, and parents.  We all look forward to the noticeable growth and development of the students in the areas of increased self-esteem, eloquent speech and reading and confident public speaking.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher. 


  • Each candidate may only participate in one (1) individual event
  • Candidates are expected to pronounce and enunciate their words correctly and clearly.    
  • Candidates are expected to use appropriate rhythm and intonation, conveying a sense of understanding of the material. (Avoid “sing-song” tunes.)
  • Candidates are expected to perform with an awareness of the audience. This includes voice projection, eye contact and suitability of topic.

The adjudicators will be looking for the following:

  • Delivery:  enunciation, stress and rhythm, phrasing, pace, voice inflection and projection
  • Communication: ability to convey message, continuity, posture, facial expression, and eye contact (no hand gestures or movement)